Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Figure News #002

Headlines: New Hobby Japan scans are out!![Alpha Max] 1/7 Holo
Release: October 2009, Price: Y14,490[Bandai] HGIF Evangelion File Neo Part 1
Release: June 2009 (released), Price: Y400/each
[Kaiyodo] Revoltech Reina 2P ver. "7-eleven convenience store limited"
Release: Late October, Price: Y2,900, Pre-orders start July 7th
[Good Smile Company] Nendoroid Canaan
Release: ??, Price: ??[Max Factory] Figma Canaan
Release: December 2009, Price: Y2,500[Kaiyodo] Revoltech Melona
Release: October 2009, Price: Y2,900[Kaiyodo] Revoltech Nanael
Release: September 2009, Price: Y2,900 (most likely)[Good Smile Company] Nendoroid Asakura Yume
Release: October 2009, Price: Y3,000 (regular release)[Max Factory] Figma Miku WF ver.
Release: WF summer, Price: ?? (This one is different from the prize for the photo shoot contest.)

Will post the large figure scans on the next figure news!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Figure News #001

Note: Please click the image for a bigger picture.
It's time for figure news! Ill be updating you with the latest figure previews, figures with pre-orders and anything about figures! SO as you see I will not be using saber lily for the figure news pic, Instead I will use the one above. Have fun reading!
Reservations opened for the following:
[FREEing] 1/4 Tsukasa Hiiragi "gym uniform ver." - Lucky Star
Release: September 2009, Price: Y12,800
[Alter] 1/7 Nanoha Takamachi "Exceed mode ver."- Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrickerS
Release: October 2009, Price: Y12,800[Alter] 1/8 Saber Lily - Fate unlimited/codecs
Release: October 2009, Price: Y7,800[upLark] 1/8 Nia - Gurren Lagann
Release: September 2009, Price: Y6,800[Good Smile Company] 1/4 Fate T. Harlaown "Swimsuit ver" - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrickerS
Release: October 2009, Price: Y11,400[Good Smile Company] Riannon - Tears to Tiara
Release: September 2009, Price: Y3,300[upLark] Rei Ayanami with entry plug - Rebuild of Evangelion
Release: September 2009, Price: Y12,800
[First Class] Sister Hell "Flooding ver." - Prism Ark
Release: August, Price: Y8,800[Pleasant Angels] 1/10 Lilian "Cripes Bottle ver." - LiPMATES Collection
Release: September 2009, Price: Y7,140[Pleasant Angels] 1/10 Lilian "Regular ver." -LiPMATES Collection
Release: September 2009, Price: Y7,140

Recently Released:
[Kotobukiya] 1/8 Asa Shigure "Miyazawa limited ver." - Shuffle!
[Megahouse] EMC Aldora "2P limited ver." - Queen's Blade
[Good Smile Company] 1/8 Kyouka Midarezaki & Mini Kyouka's

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hibernation Complete!

Hi everyone! Finally im blogging again, I noticed that I havent posted anything this month due to some things I have to do :). Just got 1 new haul for this month which is Megahouse Menas, I got her from my trip in HK I was kinda sad to go to Mongkok at a time when I had no money^_^6. So now for current events, Its really unfortunate that I cant go to the toycon this week in the philippines but it also no use if I go there becuase im broke XD. As for my future blogging, when school starts on the 16 I might not be able to blog much but ill try to as much as possible.

[Here's my first cast off figure from my fave anime, Queen's Blade]
Speaking of Queen's Blade, episode 11 is already released which means the last episode will be released next week. Im really sad that Queens Blade will end already but im still crossing my fingers that there will be a season 2 even if everything in Queens Blade is just naked glory. If you want to see more pics for my menas figure click here![Heres a snapshot for the upcoming psp game for queens blade... all your naked glory is now in a psp game!]

Random stuff:
- Just bought my phone a new charger, lost mine for over a month. :(

- My next haul will be from my contact which I might not be able to pay for a long time. XD

- Sadly summer is over, hoping grade 7 would have less mean teachers XD.

- I would really want to start collecting the Queens Blade revoltech and pvc line!

- In case you have not noticed I changed some minor designs in the blog. Hope you like it.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

5 random updates...

Saber Lily says:Before I start my blog I just wanna thank some of my viewers, coeli, kaichi, spade13th and lelouch... Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog. Now Ill be talking about any updates on my boring life and other stuff.

Update 1:
Just opened a deivanart account with the same username as mine, well if you didnt know I like to doodle ecchi stuff. Sadly people around me (not gonna name names) dont really support me so much for being an artistis dude. But the good thing is that I dont care, I really enjoy drawing stuff so deal with it XD. Im currently requesting a very good friend to teach me how to color my drawings using adobe CS4. Well Ill update you people whenever my artworks ever will be uploaded to my devianart.

Update 2:
Im still thinking if I should update you with figures just once a week, since too many figures are starting to have reservations. I will most likely try to update you with the latest every night if i can. By the way just a figure update that figma Sonsaku Hakufu (Ikkitousen) and Meiya Mitsurugi (Muv-Luv) have reservations starting already, and that di: stage has a preview already. As for Max Fac's large figure part Yoko real image ver. has already have reservations starting. As for other upcoming figures emotion style rei is already up for grabs at amiami. While some new tsukasa bullets have a preview already from hobby complex. I will update you with pictures a.s.a.p.
[OMG!!! More info here -- check out last statement.]
Update 3:
Heres an update of my life. Well as of now im taking badminton and guitar lessons but sadly I suck at both. XD For guitar I got more interested with it after seeing the anime K-On! But it really looks easy but it's pretty challenging. For badminton no real reason for doing it just want to have a sport and want to maintain being thin XDXD. For my figure hauls non yet so far since I still owe my contact money. XD

Update 4:
Now for my blog updates, Just in case you havent noticed I added my recent orders from my contact just for fun and to keep track on what I have ordered. Also added my tsuki collection, please add me as a friend there! Feel free to use to cbox also. Also please check out the links below these are some great sites from great bloggers! [And people ask why Tony Taka is such a great artist.XD]
Update 5:
This update would be about my terryfying schedule this summer XD. Well out of all my summer vacations this would be the most tiring since almost everyday theres something I gotta do like practice other crap and cleaning the house and doing really embarassing stuff I cant discuss on a blog XD. Well this coming school year I hope I can get better grades to get better figures!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Weekly Figure news #000

Hi everyone! Finally Ill update you with latest figures formally and weekly! So please enjoy.

Note: For larger images please click on the picture.
Here are the figures ready for reservations, for the past days! Be sure to check out hobby search and amiami to buy these great figures!

Item: [Alter] 1/8 Silfa
Origin: To Heart2
Height: 20cm
Release Date: September 2009
Price: Y6300

Item: [CM's] Cure Black
Origin: Pretty Cure Max Heart
Height: 20cm
Release Date: August 2009
Price: Y10290 (with tax)

Item: [CM's] Minatsu Amakase
Origin: Da Capo
Height: 16.5cm
Release Date: July 2009
Price: Y3990 (with tax)

Item: [CM's] Yume Asakura
Origin: Da Capo
Height: 16.5cm
Release Date: July 2009
Price: Y3990 (with tax)

Item: [Wave] 1/8 Kujikawa Rise
Origin: Persona 4 (Game)
Height: 20.5cm
Release Date: October 2009
Price: Y6800Item: [Wave] 1/10 Alfin
Origin: Crusher Joe
Height: 18cm
Release Date: October 2009
Price: Y6500

Monday, May 11, 2009

Queens's Blade Figures Galore!

Saber Lily says:
As promised from my previous post I will now be sharing some pictures for the upcoming Queens Blade figures! Sadly I will exclude posting Queen's Gate upcoming figures. Please click image for a bigger picture.

Megahouse continues to add up more line ups to one of there best figures yet, Queens Blade this 1/8 figure of Allean looks really good. She appeared in episode 6 of Queens Blade and looked really good I wonder If she has leaves in her private part. XD Release date and price TBA.

Here's another great figure by Megahouse probably one of the best echidna figures ever made. I believe at least 4 different versions of this were released from what I remember there was a wonder fest version, a regular version and more but this one would be the latest which is the special version. If you would like to have this figure then now is your chance since it is at a Y6,000 price with the release date on August 2009. Reservations has started a few days ago so you may want to cath this figure! For more pics and info make sure to visit Hobby Search.

Here's another Echidna figure but this one seems to be a revoltech Echidna would be release 1 month after the revoltech Airi releases which would be on August 2009. The price for Echidna is Y2,900. Hopefully the snake and her top would be cast off just like Reina. I would have shown you the hobby japan magazine scan but it only previews echidna with no pose so I decided to just share this picture from the revoltech expo last year, 2008.

Another Queens Blade revoltech that would be having reservations soon is Airi! She also appeared in episode 6 of Queens Blade like Allean. Price of Airi is the same with echidna and reina, Y3,900 and the release date of July 2009. Nothing else to say except the poses are pretty good but the joints in the elbows are pretty poor but Im liking the torn shirt version of her!Here's the very first Queens Blade revoltech, Reina! The release of this would be on June so theres like a pattern of 1 Queens Blade revoltech for 1 month. Price would be the same with airi and echidna, Y2900. Nothing much to say about this other than thats one heavely body! Reservations are now open at amiami, Hobby Search and many other online shops.

Here's the preview of possibly a volume 3 of the Queens Blade mini figure by medicos. Only Airi is shown here, maybe the other line up is yet to be announced. Hoping that they make this into a mini figure! Airi in that pose = LOVE!!

Now onto the upcoming Griffon series of Queens Blade the latest one that will soon be released will be Menas so here are previews for the upcoming figures. Here is Echidna, not much of a pose but just look at that body! It is sure to be a cast off since all of the Queens Blade figures made by Griffon are cast offs. Reservations will be starting soon for this. Price will be on August that will be when all the upcoming echidna figures will be released ^_^;. Price for this is Y7800.

Another heavenly figure by Griffon is Allean also will have reservations soon. This figure is very similar to the pose of megahouses' release of Allean. Release is on July 2009 with the price of Y7800.

This would probably be the latest figure that will be released from all the figures posted since first of all it does not have a price and a releases date but price would probably be like all Griffon releases, Y7,800 also having no pose, hope Griffon would improve this in their upcoming releases.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Special: Queen's Blade Galore

Saber Lily talks about:First of all happy mothers day, here's a special blog for a special day for a special person!

Chapter 1: Queens Blade Episode 6

Just finished episode 6 of Queens Blade yesterday and once again I felt like watching a 2 second ova since it was so nice time stopped. XD So if you like yuri scenes with airi and nowa or perhaps airi and reina this is definitely the episode you should be watching! I was really happy to finally see Airi in queens blade. In this episode the elven loli named Nowa had a verry ecchi instructor! Allean is a very nice character which has a beautiful costume design! What I admire about people from the elf forest is that they do not wear PANTSU!! Well if it bothered you then it definitely bothered reina since she looked like she felt uncomfortable looking at Nowa's private part but Allean got creative and made leaves as her pantsu. lololol..I dont think I should spoil you any more so make sure to download the torrent in from nyaatorrents.com or tokyotosho since you will be able to download the uncensored versions! As for the spoiler for episode 7: The Angel of Hope, it seems that another Angel is brought to earth and Nanel worries about that Also expect to see Menas also there.

Chapter 2: Get ready for upcoming Queens Blade Character Songs
(credits to the Queens Blade official site and Celonius28)
Get ready for Queens Blade Character Songs but sadly according to celonius it would be release after the series has long aired. There would be 8 of them of course Reina and Nanael would have a cd also would include Erina, Airi, Tomoe, Nowa, Menas and Melona these are the major characters of the series I can recall Shizuka, Allean, Risty and sadly Echidna would not be having any character songs well the characters voices are pretty good since I remember Nanael is played by Aya Hirano and Menas is played by Yuko Goto, a really nice selection.

Chapter 3: Queen's Blade Figure news in General
It is rumored that Megahouse will be re-issuing the Queens Blade PVC cast since they have already started an Echidna special version but it might be a special edition re-issue. As for the mini figure of Queens Blade I have seen a scan from one of the Hobby Japan magazines that there might be a part 3 but the only preview shows only 1 figure which is Airi in a torn shirt with a similar pose as of the megahouse pvc version, hope it is true that they release it. As for the Revoltech line up of Queens Blade, only 3 have previews but kaiyodo might complete the Queens Blade cast or at least the major characters. Reina, Airi and Echidna will all have reservations at the major online shops, reina already is for reservations by the way. As for the upcoming figures by megahouse allean would be the only one that has a preview while Griffon Enterprises have Erina, Echidna and Allean have been previewed from a convention at Japan.

Coming Up on the Next Blog!!!
Pictures for the Upcoming Figures of Queens Blade and More!!!